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Town House Strategy set to ensure KU students prosper

By William De Sousa Oct 27, 2022
Kingston University Townhoouse library buildingTown House at Penrhyn Road. Photo: Aimen Rehman

Kingston University has launched its new Town House Strategy, a progressive new model of education, which looks to enhance student’s future skills and attributes so they can prosper in their careers.

Named after the award-winning Town House building located in the Penryhn Road campus, the strategy will look to embed skills such as innovation, enterprise and digital and creative problem-solving into the workplace.

The university will look to partner with businesses and other external bodies to support these skills.

At the launch event, Vice-Chancellor Professor Steven Spier said: “The strategy will ensure our graduates, our staff, and the University itself are sought after.

“Students will seek to broaden their knowledge and skills at Kingston University because it will help them make the most of their higher education.”

He also highlighted how the strategy will also give greater prominence, visibility and support to the research and knowledge exchange already at Kingston University.

Last year, Kingston University launched the Future Skills League Table, which looked to find which skills and student capabilities were most valued by Britain’s business.

With the help of YouGov, the university surveyed more than 2000 senior bodies in firms across the UK.

From a list of skills drawn by eleven businesses and three universities, they were asked to select which of the skills should be developed to ensure UK workplaces remained competitive.

From the research, problem solving, and process skills were the most sought skill with 60% followed by critical thinking with a narrow 55%.

Other skills such as innovation and digital, which the university has promised to embed into university courses also received a 43% and 51% of rating from the surveyed firms and businesses.

By William De Sousa

Sport Editor for the River 2022-23. I enjoy writing match reports and like to keep up with sports news mostly Football. @WDSJourno

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