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What Covid-19 has taught us as students

By Feb 14, 2021

The pandemic has proved how precious life is and the value of health. It has changed our daily routines with barely anything in the schedule to excite us. But here are some things we have learnt from the pandemic. 

Keep some cash

The pandemic has taught students the importance of having a savings account or just of keeping some cash aside as everything is unpredictable. Many have also learnt to live with the bare minimum and manage their spending more. 

Prioritise your family because nothing is more important

The more we learn about people all over the world losing those they love to this potentially deadly disease, the more we appreciate our own families.

Learn to appreciate the little things

We all took the little things we do for granted and I mean the most basic things like grocery shopping,  going out for a coffee or attending that morning class. 

Life won’t be the same after and that’s okay

It can be disheartening to hear how coronavirus has changed everything around us and that there is no more “old normal”. So let’s look to the future.

Prioritise your mental health

Learning to build a positive mindset can be difficult in such uncertain times but some small habits and changes to your routine can be helpful, for example keeping a gratitude diary, meditating and making sure you get enough sleep.

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