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‘Young, naughty, student selling dirty panties’

By Ida Akerstedt Oct 21, 2015

A KU student is selling her dirty knickers and worn-out shoes on Craigslist to fund her final year.

A female business student, 22, is being paid for undies worn for up to one week and other preferences the buyer has. A French businessman called Frank buys even her oldest pair of Vans.

“I just put up a free advert on Craigslist with a picture of my ass, not face and wrote something like ‘young naughty student, selling dirty panties’, and people e-mailed me,” she said.

The KU student is anonymous online but she often know the names of her costumers, because of online payments. Her price is £20 for underwear and £15 for socks, or other things the buyer asks for, like Frank.

”Frank stays in London during the week. He asked me to meet him in a London hotel, so he could worship my feet and lick them while I watched a film or something. Which sounds great, but I would never do it,” she said.

The student is in her final year and said she does not have time to get a job. She calls it easy money and enjoys the fact that she can do it from home.

“My boyfriend thinks it’s great, he does not care,” she said.

The River has earlier covered sugar daddy stories and prostitution among KU students, to fund their time at university.

The business student got the idea from one of her housemates, a 20 year-old illustration student doing her second year. She sold her first undies a year ago and made up to £60 a week.

The knickers business started way before the popular Netflix series “Orange is the New Black” made it a trend this summer, where female inmates sell dirty underwear from jail.

The illustration student began as a joke with her friend; they made an advert pretending to be girlfriends, selling pants: two for £35, but ended up liking it, so she created her own.

She said: “I grew fund of my buyer, you have to email them quite a lot before they actually buy it. A lot of people want to know that it’s not a scam, and some of them are actually very nice.”

The illustration student said she once was asked for a pair of dirty yoga pants, and she too has had men asking her to meet up in London for some foot action.

The two students agree that it is a strange business.
“I don’t get why men in their forties want to buy dirty panties, but it is very stress-free money and no jobs in Kingston pays over minimum wage,” the business student said.

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