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£1 sex toys: hot or flop?

By Chanel Buituron Nov 13, 2017
Dr Pam Spurr writer on sex and relationships - Photo: Retail Gazette

If you have not heard about it yet, Poundland, yes Poundland, have a new range of sex toys. Whether you’re looking for your average cock ring or vibrator to chocolate flavoured condoms and cheap lube, they’ve got it all.

Here are eight reviews from KU students on Poundland’s Nooky sex toys. They are all reasonably priced – well you can’t beat a sex toy for a quid – so if you find out they aren’t for you, then you haven’t really wasted any money.

Nooky finger fun stimulator – reviewer: single female.

The Description says “will give you an orgasm that fizzes”. I’m not quite sure if this sufficed considering I feel like it actually numbed me a little. As a first time of using any sort of “sex toy” I gave it a fair try and used it twice to ensure I gave it a fair evaluation. The overall appearance of the Finger Fun Stimulator resembles a character from Monster’s Inc or one of those pencil toppers you used to have in school. It did not enhance my experience at all, rather just nearly cut the circulation to my index finger.

Nooky vitality supplement for her – reviewer: straight female student in a relationship.

The Nooky vitality supplement was not very effective at enhancing your sex drive. If anything it made me feel tired and ready for a good night’s sleep. It claims to increase your sex drive so you can enjoy sex for longer and not get bored. But I really didn’t feel a difference. I was disappointed because I really wanted them to work, but I just felt as if I had taken two empty capsules.

Nooky vibrating love ring – reviewer: female student in a relationship.

I did not expect much from this, just a bad vibrator really. It was very easy to put on but very fidgety to make it work so we had to turn it on before we put it on. It was also very difficult to work outhow many vibration settings it had. Once it was all in place though, none of us really felt that it was on. Because of the very light vibrating, I could not feel it and neither could my partner because of the very thin and wobbly ring. You might as well go without.

Sure flavoured condoms – reviewers: gay couple.

I went in not knowing what to expect with the condoms. I was worried it was a really shitty condom that would break and get jammed in my throat. To my surprise the chocolate was my favourite – after the first tasting I kept going for more! Reminded me of those cheap chocolate mousses you find in a grocery store, the flavour made oral sex more enjoyable.

Nooky cock ring – reviewer: gay couple.

The cock ring was extremely uncomfortable and very small. I have tried a cock ring before and it was not this painful to put on and to take off. It felt like it was going to rip something. I was actually screaming that it was killing me – but my boyfriend said enjoyed it.

Nooky vitality supplement for him – reviewer: male student in a relationship.

I took two pills about 40 minutes prior to sex. I was more excited about the fact that I knew I was going to be able to get that “extra power”. After 30 minutes I felt bloated and uncomfortable but I believe it was just the pills dissolving into my system. When it came down to having sex the pills didn’t act how I thought it would, no stone hard erection, everything felt regular. However, during sex, I was noticeably harder and for a much longer time. So I guess you can say it works. It’s a far cry from Viagra and not something I would get again.

Nooky pure lube – reviewer: female student in a long-term relationship.

They can be expensive and if I could find one for a pound then I’d be happy. It was unpleasantly sticky, it was more of a hassle to put it on than expected. The lube had a paint-like smell it really reminded me of PVA glue, it literally was lube glue.

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