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10 ways to beat the January blues

By Ilona Mosejeva Jan 15, 2015
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We are halfway through January: the holidays are a distant memory, spring is far away and rain is colouring the sky in grey shades. But there is nothing better than a day out in London. A new year means a new page and new adventures.

So stop sobbing over the bright memories of winter holidays and jump into a spin of craziness and fun! Here is a list of 10 fun ways you can beat January blues:

1. Ice-skate under the bright lights of Canary Warf 

If you haven’t skated this winter, you haven’t missed your chance yet. You can still go to the Canary Warf ICe Rink and indulge in the last chance to show off your moves!

Canary Wharf Ice Rink

2. Get cultural in Black Square’s exhibition at Whitechapel Gallery

From 15 January over 100 artists took Kazimir Malevich’s avant-garde legacy of a famous Black Square and present their work at Whitechapel Gallery. Don’t miss out on this unique chance to get indulge in some of London’s best cultural experiences.
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Malevich's works

3. Hug a friend on Global Hugging Day

The warmest gift for a friend and a reason to smile – whoever came up with Global Hugging Day (21 January) definitely wasn’t someone who let themselves get sucked into the January blues. Free hugs anyone?

Global Hugging Day

4. Undress your mind at The Institute of Sexology exhibition

Rare material, erotica, film and art in one cheeky exhibition to spice up your January.
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Red curtain

5. Believe in true love again by watching Stephen Hawking  in ‘The Theory of Everything

Get to know Stephen Hawking personal life’s mysteries and wonders in film ‘The Theory of Everything’.
Read RiverOnline’s review of the film here

The Theory Of Everything - 2014

6. Rock on with Enter Shikari in Kingston

See British rockers Enter Shikari on 18 January at the Rose Theatre. Their concert happens to fall on the eve of the release of their new album’s ‘The Mindsweep’, so you’ll have something to look forward to even after the concert.

Enter Shikari

7. Watch a good comedy on Global Belly Laugh Day

24 January, AKA Global Belly Laugh Day, is a great excuse to stay at home and endlessly watch comedies! Coincidentally, all ten seasons of Friends is also on Netflix now.

watch tv

8. Make peace with each other on World Religion Day

Recent events in Paris gave us a valuable lesson in tolerating and understanding each other. On World Religion Day, 25 January, make peace with yourself and with those with different beliefs.


9. Take a trip to Wonderland Lewis Carroll’s birthday

On 27 January Lewis Carroll’s birthday gives you the perfect opportunity to turn your house into a crazy maze and invite everyone to a Wonderland-themed house party.

Mad Hatter's Tea Party

10. Feel empowered on Oprah’s birthday

Oprah’s birthday on 29 January is another good reason to lock yourself in your room and rewatch your favourite Oprah’s shows. Also recommended for those who need to feel empowered this month.


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