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Five movies to cry to on Valentine’s Day

By Arafa Hassan Feb 7, 2024
Balloon spelling out the word loveCredit: Jason Leung/Unsplash

Dear John

A passionate romance blossoms when idealistic college student Savannah Curtis meets soldier John Tyree. The lovers remain in contact through letters over the course of the following seven turbulent years, only infrequently getting together in person due to John’s increasingly hazardous deployment. But their connection has unintended effects that neither of them could have predicted.

The notebook

Noah Calhoun, a mill worker, and Allie, a wealthy girl, are much in love during the 1940s in South Carolina. However, her parents do not give their consent. When Noah departs to serve in World War II, it appears to signify the end of their romantic relationship. Allie engages in a romantic relationship with another man, James Marsden. However, Noah’s return to their little town several years later, just as Allie is about to get married. It becomes evident that their love story is far from over.

Me before you

Louisa “Lou” Clark is youthful, unconventional and frequently changes jobs in order to help her family financially. Her optimistic outlook is challenged when she assumes the role of carer for Will Traynor, a prosperous young financier who has been paralysed in an accident that happened two years earlier. Will’s pessimistic perspective begins to transform as Louisa demonstrates to him the value of life. As their connection strengthens, their lives and emotions undergo unforeseen transformations.

I can do bad all by myself

Upon finding three young siblings trespassing in her house, Madea escorts them to their sole living relative, Aunt April. April is an alcoholic nightclub vocalist who depends on her married partner for money and intially shows no interest in them. However, when a Mexican immigrant named Sandino leases a space in her basement, April starts to comprehend that life might provide greater opportunities.

Crazy rich Asians

Rachel Chu eagerly agrees to accompany her boyfriend, Nick, to his closest friend’s wedding in Singapore. She is astonished to discover that Nick’s family possesses immense wealth and that he is regarded as one of the most eligible bachelors in the country. Rachel is suddenly thrust into the limelight and must now navigate the challenges of dealing with envious socialites, eccentric family members, and, most importantly, the disapproval of Nick’s mother.

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