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Media Symposium 2024: what to expect

By Ella Rebbitt Jan 25, 2024
Join us on the 1 and 2 February for our Media Symposium

It’s just a week to go until final year BA Media students hold their public symposium, which will cover everything from female comedy to police censorship.

This event has a series of panels and this year’s themes include globalised Asia, media and mental health, cinema cultures and race and representation.

Here are a few projects we cannot wait to watch:

  • Liv Jones, Magazine Practice: ‘Funny Girls: Evolving female narratives in 21st Century British stand-up comedy’ 
  • Maurizio Kayonjo, Making Media: ‘Educational Disparities in Uganda’ (Documentary)
  • Sabrina Randhawa, Race and Representation: “Bars behind Bars: investing police censorship in the UK drill scene”
  • Jordan Thomas, Gender and Sexuality: A script for a radio play based around the problematic aspects of the socialisation of men 
  • And so many more…

The symposium is unique to final year BA Media students and open for anyone to come and watch.

Course and module leader, Maria Mencia, its creator and has been running it for the past few years. Mencia said: “The symposium and the independent research project help students to build some of the top skills for their future career, including critical thinking, creativity, problem-solving, decision-making, people management, negotiation and coordinating with others.”

The symposium is not just a presentation, the students work together in teams consisting of marketing, designers, technical support, project managers, hosts and chairs to put on the symposium.

Past symposiums were held online and last year was the first to be in person. Mencia reflects on her favourite part of past symposiums: “My proud memories are based on the engagement students show in organising an event using technology none of us had used before. They were incredibly professional, rehearsing and making sure everything was running smoothly.”

The full list of panels is: Globalised Asia, Digital Media Issues, Media and Mental Health, Cinema Cultures, Media and Politics, Celebrity Cultures, Sport and Media, Race and Representation, Gender and Sexuality, Magazine Practice, Making Media and Digital Arts and Crafts. 

Read more about these and specific projects on their website: kumediasymposium24.wixsite.com/ku2024 Also, make sure to follow their Instagram for updates: https://www.instagram.com/kusymposium/

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