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6 Essential Apps For Student Life

By Bekka Barnard Dec 13, 2019
You will need these apps to make the most of student life

Whether you’re a squeaky clean fresher or a third-year veteran, these six apps will guide you through the year and help you stay level headed, focused and relaxed.


If you’re anything like me and need rid of all distractions to even begin to think about all the work you have to do, then this app will be your new best friend. Set yourself a time limit, and for the duration, you must remain on the Forest app otherwise your plant will die.

This simple yet very effective concept stops users from procrastinating, replying to messages or scrolling on social media for their allotted time. Watch your forest flourish as a visual motivator to continue your studies, and you can even invite your friends to plant in your room with you – perfect for a group project. 

Forest displays motivational messages to deter you from leaving the app which kills your plant, so when used in combination with silent mode and the do not disturb function, this app will truly change your study schedule forever.


Call me crazy, but I only work well when I have everything broken down into a comprehensive list, and I get a bit of a rush as I tick off each completed task.

For any of you that can relate, Wunderlist is an app that satisfies these needs by allowing you to store and create lists all in one place, organise them into folders and add reminders to each point.

You can also share your lists with other app users and assign ‘to-do’s’ to each individual, making it easier than ever to keep track of who’s buying what for your flatmate fajita night.


Ever wake up in the morning with a sense of dread at the thought of dragging yourself out of your nice warm duvet and off to the gym? Do yourself a favour and try Seven.

This workout app is suitable for anyone, anywhere, no equipment required, and the best part? The workouts are seven – yes, only seven – minutes long. Continue to wear your lazy badge proudly as this workout app is so quick and easy you’ll feel instantly accomplished by doing the bare minimum.

You will soon find yourself looking forward to your morning workouts because you know it will be over in just a few moments. Seven allows its users to personalise the app to their needs, whether that be slimming down, toning up, losing weight or building strength.

No more excuses for skipping the gym!


Ah, that time again. The birds are chirping, the sun is rising, the day is awakening, but you are not.

If, like me, you could snooze your alarm until the cows come home, then test out Alarmy. This irritating alarm app will have you barely conscious, trying to fumble through a series of tasks to stop the blaring alarm tone from piercing your eardrums any further. By the time you’ve completed its challenges, you’ll be wide awake and human enough to seize the day.

I know it sounds like hell, but this app has saved me from missing more 9 am lectures than I can count. Top tips: pick your outfit the night before, chug some water as soon as you wake up and make your bed straight away. You’ll thank me later.

RA Guide

Are you truly making the most of living in the country’s capital city? Central London is only a short train journey away and boasts a glittering array of nightclubs and venues for any taste, from Steelyard to 338, from Fabric to The Jazz Cafe and everything in between.

First off, pick your area. As well as London, RA Guide can also be customised to find locations around the UK and 120 other countries. Then, choose a date, and hey presto – your next big night out is sorted.

I’ve had some of my most memorable nights out thanks to this app, and functions such as push notifications when your favourite artist is in town and the ability to buy your tickets all in one convenient place just sets RA Guide above the rest.

Stardew Valley

I don’t even want to think about how many hours of playtime I’ve racked up on this whimsical side-scrolling RPG, but I can tell you I don’t regret one minute of it. Fellow role-playing video game fanatics will adore Stardew Valley, a farming simulation based on restoring your character’s farm to its former glory.

The Easter eggs are so vast, the updates consistent and the music so soothing that it’s easy to play the night away searching for ingredients and crops in this stunning 8-bit wonderland. Prepare for your new obsession – fans of Harvest Moon and Animal Crossing should check this one out.

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