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I tried TikTok’s trendiest sustainable products so you don’t have to

By Megan Kelly Mar 11, 2024
photo: Megan Kelly

Sustainable products are all over TikTok with influencer product placement at every turn. I tried the most recommended brands I’ve seen, to decide if they are worth the price and if they live up to their claims.

Wild deodorant

Price: £6 for the first case and £4-£6 for refills.

Claims: “Go wild for a plastic-free natural deodorant that’s kind to your skin and the environment, five great scents. No nasty aluminium or parabens.”

We found: This brand was the one that was recommended to me most often (YouTube, TikTok and mobile game ads). It has a huge range of scents and high-quality cases. Over the two months of testing, I disagreed with the claim of 24-hour freshness, with no need to reapply as I found myself applying it at least twice a day. However, as the brand states: “It focuses on controlling odour by neutralising bacteria, allowing your body to naturally regulate sweat without harsh chemicals.” Although its slightly more expensive than a regular, disposable deodorant it’s better for the environment. It’s zero waste as it has a cardboard sleeve in a refillable case. Overall, I will continue to use it and recommend to friends.

Estrid razors

Price: £9.95-£11.95 starter kit, £9.95 refills.

Claims: “The lubricating and gentle strip on the razor blades is completely free from animal byproducts, and no tests have been done on animals.”

We found: The razors were high in quality, I thought they gave a close shave and lasted past the recommended five to seven shaves. The price worked out at £2.48 per refill, which I thought was inexpensive for a small business. The refills come in packs of four and can be bought on subscription for £9.95 either monthly, every other month or every three months. You can often also get the free case valued at £5.95 if you buy directly from its website. While it might seem surprising to need to check if your razor is vegan, animal products can be used in the lubricants.

Mallow beauty shaving butter

Price: £13-£14.95, plus student discounts.

Claims: “100% natural, vegan and cruelty free products.” It also donates 5% of each sale to mental health charities.

We found: I tried the strawberry shaving butter and exfoliating scrub. Both products are supposed to help prevent strawberry legs and ingrown hairs but when I used the products for over a month, I found that they really didn’t do either, which I found disappointing for the price.

TikTok trends boosting sales of smaller brands and sustainable products is a good thing but it is important to acknowledge while a product may be good for the environment that doesn’t necessarily mean the product is suited to you. A lot of these products have received astounding reviews which is why I wanted to try them but as shown they don’t always live up to the online hype.

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