The Union of Kingston Students hold these meetings annually to create some of their policy. Photo: UKS

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The Union of Kingston Students will be debating and voting on all the motions that were not voted on at the first big student meeting due to a lack of time.

The second big student meeting (EGM) was called by Daisy Du Toit, Penrhyn Road and Union Development Officer, to maintain student democracy shortly after the first meeting could not cover all the proposed motions.

Proposed motions include one to introduce consent classes to Kingston University and another to create a role for a student director who would work with the elected campus officers while holding them to account.

If a motion is passed by the students it will become union policy for the next three years.

Motions passed at the previous big student meeting included one for protecting international students post-Brexit, another urging a boycott of the National Student Survey and making the university more LGBT inclusive.

This meeting is to take place on the 9th March at 4.30pm PRJG0001. All students are welcome to attend and vote.

Big Student Meeting 2, have your say. Photo: The Union of Kingston Students

Big Student Meeting 2 Photo: The Union of Kingston Students

Sarah Sinclair March 9 20177:19 pm

The EGM comes to a close.

Sarah Sinclair March 9 20177:18 pm

The motion passes with an amendment for all lecturers to promote the student elections.

Sarah Sinclair March 9 20177:11 pm

Saniya says that if you are approached you can listen and talk but you can have time to think and learn more as you would not actually be able to vote until the next week. Taking away the pressure.

Sarah Sinclair March 9 20177:10 pm

AQ Khan says that he thinks it is diabolical that people just vote on an iPad without looking at all the people and all the manifestos because they are pressured into voting. That is why he thinks this should be passed.

Sarah Sinclair March 9 20177:09 pm

Saniya clarifies that in the second week you would not be campaigning so could continue working as usual.

Sarah Sinclair March 9 20177:09 pm

Haider Chaudry asks why elected officers should have to take 10 days of paid holiday instead of the usual five they take during elections as they cannot work while running for elections.

Sarah Sinclair March 9 20177:08 pm

If passed there would be two weeks of voting. One week to campaign and another to let the students vote. 

Saniya Sajjan said: “Instead of going up to people and having people vote without knowing who they are voting for.”

Sarah Sinclair March 9 20177:06 pm

We now have motion eight for election reforms.

Sarah Sinclair March 9 20177:06 pm

The motion passes.

Sarah Sinclair March 9 20177:05 pm

Some audience members feel that they do not get enough from their lecturers and that the change may be needed. 

Joseph Cripps said: “It is not a defence for bad teaching, it is a motion for students to be heard”

Richard Donnelly said: “Cutting courses and teaching is not a way to solve bad teaching.”

Sarah Sinclair March 9 20176:57 pm

Richard Donelly responds by stating they wish to stand with their lecturers and that what we know so far does not benefit students.

“It is not the role of students to enquire into these things and chase down the information they should be consulting us. It is the case they should approach us instead of having a conversation with one sabbatical officer who they made sign a confidentiality agreement.”

Sarah Sinclair March 9 20176:55 pm

Beatrice Carey is arguing against this motion, she has seen all the details of 2020 but had to sign a confidentiality agreement so cannot say more. 

She says that Plan 2020 is here to address lecturers that have not been doing their jobs. She is not defending the whole thing and agrees that there should be more student consultation. She says that there are changes in 2020 that some students have been asking for.

Sarah Sinclair March 9 20176:51 pm

If passed the union would develop a manifesto, in consultation with students, to formulate a list of demands that shall be delivered to all tiers of management structure in the university.

The union would also campaign against Plan 2020 and support all staff and student action if student demands are not met.

Sarah Sinclair March 9 20176:49 pm

We are now discussing motion five on Kingston University’s staff cuts and course closures. 

Sarah Sinclair March 9 20176:49 pm

The motion passes.

Sarah Sinclair March 9 20176:48 pm

Richard Donnelly says that the company that installs water fountains in the university is an Israeli company and that the union has a statement that the university should not support Israeli companies due to the Israeli occupation of Palestinian land. Part of this proposal should be that the fountains should be ethically sourced.

Sarah Sinclair March 9 20176:43 pm

Students will be able to bring in their own plastic bottles and re-use them. They just will not be provided.

Sarah Sinclair March 9 20176:43 pm

The water in the fountains will be filtered.

Sarah Sinclair March 9 20176:42 pm

They do propose a competition to design a water bottle that will be given out for free at welcome week.

Sarah Sinclair March 9 20176:40 pm

There are fears that this will lead to lesser access to water for students.

Sarah Sinclair March 9 20176:39 pm

Gideon said: “People will not bring in their own bottles. They will drink all the fizzy drinks and student health will decay.”

But he completely agrees that Kingston’s water fountains need to be improved.

Sarah Sinclair March 9 20176:38 pm

We are now on motion four to ban plastic water bottles from all campuses, and installing more water fountains that are hygienic and easily accessible. 

Maria Isabella Grech said: “London aims to be a plastic water bottle free city by 2021. We could lead on this…other universities have already campaigned and started implementing this.”

Sarah Sinclair March 9 20176:35 pm

The motion passes.

Sarah Sinclair March 9 20176:35 pm

Now the union would only campaign for students to be notified their time is running out and to be able to extend their time through an online system.

Sarah Sinclair March 9 20176:34 pm

The amendment passes.

Sarah Sinclair March 9 20176:33 pm

An amendment has been proposed to remove the proposal for the union to campaign for the fine to be lowered.

Sarah Sinclair March 9 20176:29 pm

Beatrice Carey asks that the library only has a small amount of laptops and that if they are not returned others can be left waiting for a laptop, how would you combat this?

Summer says that she is not against fines she just thinks that they are too much.

Sarah Sinclair March 9 20176:27 pm

Summer Ahmed proposes that if passed the union will work with the library to develop text reminders before they are due to be returned so that they do not accumulate large fines as well as actually being able to extend the time through an online system and actually for the union to campaign that the late fees should be reduced from £5 per half hour.

Sarah Sinclair March 9 20176:25 pm

Motion two to improve the laptop schemes is now being discussed.

Sarah Sinclair March 9 20176:24 pm

The motion passes.

Sarah Sinclair March 9 20176:19 pm

An audience member asks what is your view on enforcing your view on others?

“If we allow it we condone it…”

Sarah Sinclair March 9 20176:18 pm

Simon Plazolles-Hayes proposes his motion by detailing the painful treatment animals receive as a direct result of the fur industry. 

“Kingston university can take a stand…we can come together and say that fur has no place at Kingston and has no place in the world.”

Sarah Sinclair March 9 20176:16 pm

The motion to ban fur in students current and future projects has been pushed up.

Sarah Sinclair March 9 20176:15 pm

The motion passed.

Sarah Sinclair March 9 20176:15 pm

If passed, the union would make a statement condemning Julius’ new position and his pay, to investigate the area of law this regards to see if this was unlawful, to lobby to make sure nothing like this happens again and to express student feelings to the board.

Sarah Sinclair March 9 20176:09 pm

Gideon Sassoon now speaks for his motion “Kingston university student rip-off”.

The motion is in regards to Julius Weinberg, his created position, original salary and now even higher salary. 

And the new VC is now being paid a significant amount less.

“Julius was directly responsible for Kingston’s lower level in the league tables.”

Sarah Sinclair March 9 20176:06 pm

The motion passes unanimously.

Sarah Sinclair March 9 20176:05 pm

The amendment falls.

Sarah Sinclair March 9 20176:05 pm

AQ has proposed an amendment to make the workshops non-compulsory and to not lobby the university to include these.

Sarah Sinclair March 9 20176:02 pm

It will also be worked towards to be completely inclusive, there shall also be a general consent workshop that is not gender specific.

Sarah Sinclair March 9 20176:00 pm

There will also be separate safe spaces for men and women, to make sure everyone is comfortable.

Sarah Sinclair March 9 20176:00 pm

The motion proposes that the union should hold a support group or safe space for survivors.

Sarah Sinclair March 9 20175:59 pm

Holly: “Vulnerable 18-year olds come to universities, into a new heavy, drinking culture, living with people they don’t know.”

Sarah Sinclair March 9 20175:58 pm

It is proposed that during welcome week we should have classes to make us aware of the dangers of rape and sexual assault.

Sarah Sinclair March 9 20175:57 pm

The motion passes, we shall now be discussing motion three for consent workshops.

Sarah Sinclair March 9 20175:57 pm

Holly Duffield has submitted a motion that it should be discussed next instead of fifth as she did not get a chance to speak up for something she believes in very strongly.

Sarah Sinclair March 9 20175:55 pm

The motion to keep Wednesday afternoons free from non-timetabled classes has passed.

Sarah Sinclair March 9 20175:55 pm

This amendment has been rejected.

Sarah Sinclair March 9 20175:54 pm

A request for an amendment to that their should be an option to have sports memberships paid by £5 a month instead of having the only option being £50 at the start of the year. 

Sarah Sinclair March 9 20175:44 pm

We are now hearing from Haider about why Wednesday afternoons should be kept free from timetabled sessions so students can have time to themselves for sports, societies, keeping up with their studies and giving themselves self-care to look after their mental health 

Sarah Sinclair March 9 20175:41 pm

Motion six for keeping our Wednesday afternoons free is now going to go second instead of sixth.

Sarah Sinclair March 9 20175:38 pm

The motion is passed.

Sarah Sinclair March 9 20175:36 pm

The amendment passes.

Sarah Sinclair March 9 20175:36 pm

An amendment is being proposed by JC, student trustee, to iron out the details of this motion. It is proposed to have the process overseen by external student union trustees to make sure the people running can do the job , advertising it and keeping the original proposer updated in its implementation. 

Sarah Sinclair March 9 20175:29 pm

TIme for questions ends as one audience member says that they see great potential for this role.

Sarah Sinclair March 9 20175:27 pm

Another audience member asks why we do not have a President and Vice-President like other student unions and Daisy, as union and development officer, explains how this led to the student union being very PR centric and that you would only have people from PR and KH even running for election so a referendum was held in 2015 so students decided this change that is still very new.

Sarah Sinclair March 9 20175:25 pm

One audience member points out how this role may not help at all because all that they can see so far is bickering amongst officers through their role in Society Working Group.

Sarah Sinclair March 9 20175:21 pm

Patrick says that he agrees we should be held to account more, that is why we are here. He pulls attention to the role description saying “having the final say”. How does that not threaten the autonomy of the officers? Could some one not come in with their own agenda and push that upon the officers.

AQ answers that this would not happen, the final say is there if there is an issue or disagreement between the officers they will decide what is best for the students.

Sarah Sinclair March 9 20175:18 pm

An audience member asks; Is this a paid position? If it is how would we hold them to account? 

AQ says that it is a paid part-time role and the amount will be decided by the union’s board of trustees. 

Sarah Sinclair March 9 20175:13 pm

AQ Khan said: “This role should be considered in regards to what they can do for students. Give complete autonomy for campus officers to do what they want and this person will question them and hold them to account while being a figure head for the union.”

Sarah Sinclair March 9 20175:12 pm

“Creation of a new role Student Director” – AQ Khan, NUS delegate for Kingston and senior course rep, has proposed the motion to create a new elected position of a part-time officer to chair the full-time officers and to hold them to account. 

Sarah Sinclair March 9 20175:10 pm

The motion has passed. We will discuss motion nine first.

Sarah Sinclair March 9 20175:10 pm

The voting starts. We start with motion nine creation of a new role of a student director” being pushed up to the top of the agenda instead of being last and possibly once again not being discussed if time runs out.

Sarah Sinclair March 9 20175:06 pm

Daisy then goes to announce Varisty, Global Festival, the learning and teaching awards, another self-care week and Women’s history month. All the information is on

Sarah Sinclair March 9 20175:04 pm

She says that some of them are “past their sell by date” but those that they can work on, they will.

Sarah Sinclair March 9 20175:04 pm

Daisy starts by saying that during the elections officers were asked about some motions passed in 2015 that have never happened and that they, as officers, were not even made aware of. 

Sarah Sinclair March 9 20175:02 pm

We now move onto the next section of today to give an update on motions passed in 2015.

Sarah Sinclair March 9 20174:59 pm

The officers are now being put to answer about the fact that the awareness campaign for the NSS and the TEF should have happened before the university’s NSS campaign started. 

Beatrice is answering saying she has been having these conversations with students and staff over a long period and that you should be holding your course reps to account as they should be sharing this information with you.

Sarah Sinclair March 9 20174:57 pm

Daisy has said, we should have held a TEF workshop for students a lot earlier to take action against the NSS as it happened a month after the launch of the NSS survey in the university.

In a response to AQ Khan’s allegations towards Beatrice Carey for not discussing the TEF workshop with other members of the union.
Sarah Sinclair March 9 20174:52 pm

She announces a TEF workshop on March 29 from 3-4. Every course rep is notified of these workshops to share with students.

She has also spoken of her role in getting students more information on plan 2020 and sharing concerns of students to those involved higher up in the university.

She has also raised concerns of international students graduating this year who will have to go home and pay to come back when they have their graduation ceremony. 

She has created more platforms for LGBT students and opportunities for them to learn and share experiences with eachother.

Sarah Sinclair March 9 20174:47 pm

She also mentions having a meeting about the union’s lack of funding and its affects on the students. 

Sarah Sinclair March 9 20174:46 pm

Beatrice also speaks of her role with course rep meetings and black history month. 

Sarah Sinclair March 9 20174:45 pm

Beatrice Carey, Knights Park Officer, wrote the student union submission for the TEF and met with Steven Spier to speak about student concerns with opening hours of libraries and labs.

Sarah Sinclair March 9 20174:45 pm

Patrick also speaks of his input with Black History Month 2.0, LGBT history month and the current Women’s history month.

Sarah Sinclair March 9 20174:44 pm

Patrick Tartarian, Roehampton Vale officer, speaks about his work at RV campus including prayer spaces and bus shelters. 

Sarah Sinclair March 9 20174:42 pm

Daisy also promotes her “I am an immigrant” project which has come out of the successful motion to protect international students at the AGM earlier in the year.

Sarah Sinclair March 9 20174:42 pm

Daisy said: “I’m incredibly proud of the election results, by the second day of having the votes open we bypassed the amount of students who voted last year.”

Sarah Sinclair March 9 20174:41 pm

Daisy Du Toit, Penrhyn Road officer, has been working towards their next trustee meeting and has been taking everything into account from the last AGM. 

Sarah Sinclair March 9 20174:40 pm

Haider is looking forward to Varsity and global festival coming up.

Sarah Sinclair March 9 20174:39 pm

He is speaking of his endeavours to increase and improve prayer spaces at KH campus. He said: “I am always here for KH students whenever they need me.” 

Sarah Sinclair March 9 20174:38 pm

Haider Chaudry, Kingston Hill officer, starts by apologising for his absence at the AGM earlier on the year as he had previously booked his annual leave to go and get married.

Sarah Sinclair March 9 20174:37 pm

The lecture room is now officially out of seats for new comers.

Sarah Sinclair March 9 20174:36 pm

It is now time for the officers update from all four campus officers.

Sarah Sinclair March 9 20174:34 pm

Layla is reading the respectful debate rules, let’s keep it nice guys.

Sarah Sinclair March 9 20174:33 pm

All information for the EGM today is on

Sarah Sinclair March 9 20174:32 pm

Layla, a student trustee, is welcoming us to the EGM this afternoon.

Sarah Sinclair March 9 20174:07 pm

Students are pilling into JG0001, they’re keen and ready for a 4.30 start.

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