Our pick of the week's DVD releases

By Rosie Cope

DVD releases Monday March 19 – Sunday 25


Out: March 19

Best DVD Price: £9.99 from HMV
Best Bluray Price: £13.99 from Amazon UK

Underpaid general manager of Oakland A, Billy Beane (Brad Pitt), decides to challenge the system when he rebuilds the baseball team based on statistical data to value the players picked for his team. With opposition from a large variety of people Beane calls for help from a young economist, Peter Brand (Jonah Hill) and the pair set out to completely change the way the game is played.


Tower Heist

Out: March 19

Best DVD Price: £9.99 from Amazon UK
Best Bluray Price: £14.95 from Zavvi

After Arthur Shaw (Alan Alda) defrauds a group of employees from their pension plans Josh Kovacs (Ben Stiller) makes it his priority to get revenge. With the help of ex-con Slide (Eddie Murphy) a plan is created in a bid to steal $20 million.


The Adventures of Tin Tin: Secret of the Unicorn

Out: March 19

Best DVD Price: £10.97 from Amazon UK
Best Bluray Price: £14.95 from The Hut

After buying a model ship for £1 off of a market stall Tintin is hounded by villainous Mr. Sakharine who kidnaps him and his dog Snowy smuggling them onto a boat to Morroco. Tintin escapes only to find that the model, The Unicorn, holds a 300 year old secret and discovers why Sakharine is so desperate for the ship.


Machine Gun Preacher

Out: March 19

Best DVD Price: £11.95 from Zavvi
Best Bluray Price: £14.95 from Zavvi

Machine Gun Preacher is the true story of Sam Childers (Gerard Butler) who comes to the aide of hundreds of abandoned and orphaned children living in dangerous conditions in Sudan after leaving prison and finding God. 

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