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Birdy to release her first album

By River Reporter Nov 1, 2011

By Jordan Aylward


Heard of Jasmine van den Bogaerde? A pat on the back for those of you who have.
For those of you who haven’t, she’s better known as Birdy, the 15-year-old singer who is about to crash-land into the mainstream music world with an almighty wallop.
Back in March this year, when she was just 14, she recorded a version of Bon Iver’s Skinny Love which Radio 1 absolutely lapped up. Eight months later, she is about to release her self-titled debut album (just imagine all the Birdy puns that could’ve been used instead).

Haunting and silky-smooth voice

The LP consists of 11 cover versions ranging from Fleets Foxes’ beautiful White Winter Hymnal to The Postal Service’s District Sleeps Alone Tonight, not forgetting theaforementioned Bon Iver song.
The piano-and-vocal combo has almost become a trademark of Jasmine’s, and while this can sometimes become stagnant, her haunting and silky-smooth voice more than makes up for a lack of musical variety.
 Birdy is a sign of things to come. She’s mastered the art of making someone else’s song her own, and hopefully it isn’t long until she masters the art of her own material.

Birdy is out November 7

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