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Review: Chiddy Bang’s Breakfast with a Bang

By River Reporter Mar 1, 2012

By Niya Sinckler

The highly anticipated debut studio album from American duo Chiddy Bang is filled with playful hip hop lyrics and amazing beats that will definitely get you in the mood.

The 14 track album has some inspiring songs with a range of cultural references. It is impressive how Chiddy Bang have framed their party spirit, interests and influences into a musical art form that makes kids want to dance.

Warm and melodic guitar notes ease you into the album and transition into their fun single, Breakfast.

Handclaps and Guitars is, hands down, the best track on the album. It has everything you could ever want from a hip-hop song.

But the rest of the album should not be ignored, and Chiddy Bang have used a range of musical methods which, together, form an exciting and upbeat record.

They’ve covered all bases: bluesy piano solos in Ray Charles, heavy electronic beats in the style of Trey Songz in Run it Back, and fun, upbeat harmonies in Happening.

The duo is also doing what they do best: sampling snippets of popular tracks from the music world and mixing them in with their original rap lyrics and vocal styles. The hit indie track Sleepyhead by Passion Pit pops up in Out 2 Space.

Breakfast is a great way to get you into that ‘I just want to party’ mindset. These boys are worth keeping an eye on and this album is just a taster of the music they can create.

The album is out March 5, along with a mixtape titled Grab A Plate.

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