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Film Review: The Woman In Black

By River Reporter Feb 11, 2012

By Niya Sinckler

The Woman in Black, an intense supernatural thriller is filled with horror and suspense.

Based on the 1983 horror fiction novel by English author, Susan Hill, the film hits theaters this weekend.

When a young widowed lawyer, Arthur Kipps (Daniel Radcliffe) moves to a remote English village in the early 1900s, he discovers a deadly secret. While there, Kipps attempts to sort out estate affairs of his deceased client, Alice Drablow.

Challenges arise when soft whispers, creepy toys, cries of children and rocking chairs travel throughout her mansion causing a compromising situation. So much in fact, it places his career and family at stake.

Over three days, it becomes clear to Kipps that the village people are keeping secrets from him about the town’s tragic history. From reading documents and seeing a woman in black reappear, Kipps realizes there is a vengeful ghost. The woman terrorizes the locals’ children but Kipps cannot figure out why. Accompanied by his friend, Daily (Ciarán Hinds), the two set out to make things right, if only there was forgiveness.

Directed by James Watkins, the film received good reviews. Using character close-ups and wide angle shots to capture the Yorkshire landscape conveyed the intensity of the film. In the candle lit scenes, there are tests of trial and mystery. Strong themes including isolation, children, spiritualism and revenge hook the viewer instantly into the fearful and grievous moments. The violent and jumpy scenes flow well with the ghost-like presence and cold mist as one takes each step. Prepare for nightmares.

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