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Games: Out this month

By River Reporter Mar 1, 2012

Laura Varley picks the three best games coming out this month and has even found the best prices and where to get them.

By Laura Varley

By Laura Varley

Fifa Street

Out: March 16

Best price: £36. 85 from Zavvi

Fifa Street is a reboot of the popular series which has not been seen on consoles for four years. It describes itself as “authentic street football gaming”, although if that was what you really wanted, you could just grab a ball and kick it about in the street, right? Despite our mocking, it is going to be extremely popular among football gaming fans and a nice break from the yearly-released Fifa games.

Street Fighter X: Tekken 

Out: March 9

Best price: £35.85 from Zavvi

Everyone loves a cross-over game, and mixing up the characters from the world’s two most popular fighting games was definitely a good idea. Street Fight X Tekken sees some classic Tekken characters fight Street Fighter-style in this stylish beat-’em-up. We’re not going to play any more if you keep picking Ryu though…

Mass Effect 3

Out: March 9

Best Price: £34.47 from ASDA

The third game in the Mass Effect series sees Commander Sheppard trying to save the galaxy yet again. Up against horrendous odds and armed with his usual impressive array of weapons, crew members and one-liners, will you be able to save all the races from extermination?

It still contains everything you loved from the first games but it now has a multi-player mode, so your squad can be made up of your friends, not just a Turian and a Geth. Although they are pretty awesome.

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