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Games out this month

By River Reporter Apr 25, 2012

By Phillip Andreas

Max Payne 3, May 18 (Xbox 360, Playstation 3, PC)

First up we have Max Payne 3, which puts you in control of Max, a drunken disgraced ex-cop working bodyguard for a wealthy property developer and his family. It all goes wrong when the wife of the property developer is kidnapped and Max is deployed to get her back. Of course it doesn’t go to plan and Max finds himself with a hole in his arm and being dragged deeper into the plot. There have been concerns that Max Payne 3 wouldn’t live up to its much loved predecessors, but Rockstar are known for having the Midas touch when it comes to games and so far haven’t disappointed.  Bullet time, check, noir inspired story complete with cliché one liners, check. This is for fans of film noirs, ultra violence with a touch of the Matrix in the mix for good measure.

Rachet and Clank HD Collection, May 18 (Playstation 3)

Next is PS3 exclusive (sorry Xbox 360 owners) Rachet and Clank HD Collection. Rachet is the last of the Lombax, an extinct race of rather intelligent fox-like creatures, and Clank is his trusty robot sidekick, who travels the galaxy in search of adventure and defeating Dr Nefarious’s evil plans to take over the universe. Childish, maybe, but there’s something for everyone in a Rachet and Clank game, and the three games included in this collection are easily regarded as three of the best games to grace the PS3, and now they’re coming to you in full HD, with multiplayer for the first time, to get nostalgic over. So strap on your rocket boots and prepare to laugh with this unlikely duo.

Dragons Dogma, May 25 (Xbox 360, Playstaion 3, PC)

Think of the lore of Skyrim then think of the third person action styles of Devil May Cry, mix that in with elements of the frustratingly impossible Dark Souls, and what do you get? Capcom’s Dragon’s Dogma. Dragon’s Dogma, directed by Devil May Cry 3’s (arguably the best DMC game) Hideaki Itsuno, is, on the surface, a third person role playing game with dragons in it. But if we take a closer look it seems to be a refreshing take on a particularly stale genre. Sure its scenery and storyline is perhaps a little tired but it is in the games combat mechanics, particularly unseen in RPGs, and eastern take on this particularly western dominated genre that makes it so exciting.

If you want to hack ‘n’ slash some ghoulish monsters and demonic dragons with more flair than that of Skyrim, then Dragon’s Dogma will suit you well. 

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