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Games: Out this month

By River Reporter Feb 7, 2012

By Laura Varley

It’s February and colder than ever, so what better excuse than to stay indoors and play games, right? And boy, do you have a lot of choice this month. Here’s a pick of the best new releases coming your way.

If you’re a fan of shiny swords, fearsome fighting and revealing armour, Soul Calibur V may be the game for you, this month. The beautiful graphics, well designed characters and much improved combat system will keep you hooked until your thumbs are sore. So get in some beers, grab a mate and challenge them to a duel to the death.

If you like action RPGs, such as the Fable series, Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning might be your thing. You’re dead. Yes, that’s how the game starts but you come back to life (hurrah!). You’ve been gifted with special powers and the chance to construct your own destiny. Spend your time doing quests, battling deadly monsters and levelling up your skills. Huh? What essay deadline?

Gruesome ways to kill enemies

If you want something all the more more violent, The Darkness 2 provides plenty of gruesome ways to kill enemies. You play as Jackie from the first game, a Mafia member who inherited “The Darkness”, a demon that gives you great power. This means you have some tenticle-like monsters hanging over your shoulders, ready to rip your enemies apart, literally. If you enjoy tearing out peoples insides, then play this game. Also, see a psychologist.

Can’t afford to go snowboarding? Don’t worry, I know where you can get the best fake-snow money can buy. SSX hits the shops this month with mountains to conquer and ridiculous, gravity-defying tricks galore. Race your friends and become the best virtual snowboarder of all time.

If you’re in need for a new game for your 3DS, Tekken 3D is the one to pick up. This game is a true classic and it’s coming out for 3DS, this time with 100 per cent more feet coming towards your face! Okay, we’re exaggerating a little, but the 3D effects are sure to add more depth to the game…we’ll get our coats.

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