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Interview: Matt Cardle – Aspiring KU singers: “Stay true to yourself, musically and style wise.”

By River Reporter Oct 25, 2012

Matt Cardle speaks to RiverOnline about love, relationship breakdowns and how nothing happened with Katie Waissel.

Eve Carson

Matt Cardle’s latest album The Fire has been heavily influenced by an emotionally-turbulent private life.

Pouring his heart out, Matt admitted: “The whole album is kind of based on my relationship breakdown but you know it’s a very positive, very uplifting album.”

“I’ve done everything myself this time, with regards to playing the instruments.

“I’ve managed to produce it, and be on hand with the mixer,” he says.

The break-up

Matt started dating backing dancer Sarah Robinson while on the show in 2010, and while nothing has ever been proven, her close relationship with Mylene Klass’s ex-husband Graham could have been the reason for this potentially messy break-up that provided the influence for his new album.

While Matt was singing his heart out and entertaining thousands of viewers on the show, rumours were circulating about his supposedly steamy relationship with fellow contestant Katie Waissel. However, Matt was quick to clear this up.

“There was absolutely zero chemistry or anything else for that matter. There was a whole load of bulls**t that was made up about me and her I felt for no real reason you know other than to put in the paper.”

Mr music man

With all that out of the way it was back to business and we chatted more about Matt’s music.

He performed at Scala in London on Tuesday October 23 2012 to link in with the release of his new album which is out on this Monday. Matt said his new album was very hands on and he worked on it in London, Los Angeles and Toronto, favouring LA for its weather but enjoying all of the locations for recording. 

Matt was mentored by Dannii Minogue and since winning he has gone on to sell over two million singles and albums. Although winning the X Factor show has been a great success, being referred to as “the guy who won X Factor”, could get tiresome.

When Matt auditioned for the show he admitted he was “a bit of a bum” and had just been doing the odd bit of painting and decorating. However when he won in 2010 he explained that it was more of a shock than anything but feels he has adjusted to the celebrity lifestyle. Becoming a successful musician was always his plan, so when it did happen he was ready for it.

“I mean I’ve been a musician since I was nine or 10 years old, a singer songwriter and working away in bands and trying to get it made that way. So I feel like it was a natural progression of what I had been doing my whole life. Apart from the fame side of things, that’s weird, but you do get your head around it eventually.”

Just before Matt had to go he gave some advice to Kingston students who wanted to pursue a career in singing as he knows how hard it can be to get noticed and build a your way up in such a tough industry.

Matt said: “Stay true to yourself, musically and style wise. If you’re a hip-hop artist then you’re a hip -hop artist and that’s it. Don’t stop it just because other people want you to, or it works better or sells more. And just never ever give up. It took me from the age of 11 to 27 and I worked at it constantly. It kind of happened over night but it was 10 years in the making.” So there you have it, a glimpse into Matt Cardle’s celebrity lifestyle. Matt’s UK tour started this week and his album “The Fire” is out on October 29 2012.  

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