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Kate Nash: “I’d kiss Katy Perry”

By River Reporter Feb 18, 2013

Ever wondered what Kate Nash would cook you for dinner? What she made a blood promise about? Wonder no more…

James Garwood

Kate Nash is back. The London born singer is ready to release a great new album Girl Talk, but at the River Online we decided that wasn’t enough, so we’ve got Kate Nash to whip us up some nosh and a night out. Here is a quick preview of our interview with her.

James Garwood (Arts & Entertainments Editor): So, we fancy coming around for something to eat and a tipple or two, what are you serving?

Kate Nash: Amaretto sours to start, with a pomegranate, crushed pea and feta salad. A giant tray of roasted vegetables and your pick of meat as I’m a veggie, and a dark chocolate and cream pudding for desert. Copious amounts of excellent wine, truffles, a cheeseboard with oatcakes and find chutney, and of course great company. 

JG: Sounds perfect. We love a good conversion over dinner but what’s the best girl talk you’ve ever had?

KN: With my girl band in the paramour mansion when we made the record. But, I made a blood promise that everything we discussed was secret. So can’t reveal more.

JG: Hmm, we might need a night out until 3am to get those secrets flowing, what are the Foundations of a good night out for you?

KN: A girl gang and good getting ready music, and a few drinks at home before you leave the house with your girl gang. A good band to watch and a good house party to go to afterwards.

JG: So, if we’re out and I put on your song Kiss that Grrl, who’s the lucky lady going to be?

KN: Katy Perry, duh.

There you have it. Read more from Kate Nash in the next issue of The River, out February 22.

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