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Kingston Graduate tops Kindle UK download list

By River Reporter Oct 20, 2011

By Vegard Botterli

Louise Voss, who has an MA in creative writing from Kingston University, achieved the number one Kindle UK download spot in June 2011 after self-publishing her thriller Catch your Death for just 96p.

Ms Voss, 42, was working at KU as an administrator for the music department and struggling to get her novel acknowledged by publishers when the book soared up the download chart.

The Evening Standard reported last August on how Ms Voss attracted the attention of publisher HarperFiction, who offered her and her co-author, Mark Edwards, a six-figure deal to write four books to be published on paper.  

Ms Voss said that social media was an important tool in promoting her way to success, inviting independent reviewers and spreading the word.

“Initially I emailed everyone I knew to ask them to buy the book. Then we approached a lot of indie reviewers on line. When it started going up the charts it was really surreal,” said Ms Voss. On her way to the top of the charts, she passed notable writers such as Stieg Larsson, author of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

Ms Voss praised the knowledge that her creative writing degree gave her about online publishing.

“I did an MA in creative writing at Kingston University a couple of years ago. It gave me loads of advice on publishing as well as writing,” she said. 

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