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Kingston student’s own play to feature at the Reg Bailey

By River Reporter Mar 6, 2012

By Georgina Deacon

An ambitious Kingston drama student has brought her imagination to stage by writing, directing, and financing her own full-length play.

Mikayla McCarthy, 21, finished writing The Call of Rome in March 2010 and has funded, managed and produced the play that will be shown at the Reg Bailey Building this month.

“I’ve done it all off my own back,” said Miss McCarthy. “I told every cast member to go and buy a bed sheet and I made costumes from them by sewing them into tunics.”

Budding director

This is not the first time the budding director has put on a play. Last year, Miss McCarthy, who has written 42 plays, staged her own interpretation of the Shakespeare tragedy Othello with the help of the Kingston Drama Society Acts.

“Directing my own play has been really odd because it’s the very first time it’s ever got up on its feet,’ said Miss McCarthy. “As far as the writing goes, it’s really enjoyable for me because I’ve got such a wild imagination.”

Jon Pringle, a member of the technical team for theatre productions at Kingston University, gave her a slot at the theatre and the go-ahead for her production.

Miss McCarthy was inspired to write The Call of Rome following a Shakespeare college project, where she played the lead role in Titus Andronicus.

The Ancient Rome theme continues in her play and follows the downfall of the evil Emperor Quintus Euphronius.

Fun, but not without its stresses

Although the role of director has been fun, it has not been without stress and Miss McCarthy has thanked her assistant director, Xanthe King, for her help.

“I’ve directed a lot of work before and we both knew what we wanted out of the play,” said Miss King, a second-year drama student.

“It’s a big piece to put on and everyone is as dedicated as possible. It’s a real team effort and with the help of the cast and crew, we’re getting there, slowly but surely!”

But Miss McCarthy has not stopped there. She has revealed that she has written a prequel entitled Lucian and a sequel, Strength & Honour.

The Call of Rome is a free performance and will be shown at the Reg Bailey Theatre, Penrhyn Road campus from March 21 to 23 at 7.30pm. Tickets are available from:

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