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Review: Placebo EP – B3

By River Reporter Oct 23, 2012

It’s taken two years, but Placebo are back in a big way.

Lesley-Anne Morley

Salivating fans have been waiting two years for new material from London-based alt-rock band, Placebo, and fansites have been buzzing with speculation about the new EP, B3, set for release on October 12.

The five-track EP begins with the title song, B3, released as a single last month. It feeds us the killer rifts and head-bopping beats we’ve come to expect from Stefan Olsdal and Steve Forrest, whilst still featuring the powerful vocals of Brian Molko that we’ve come to crave.

The Joy Division-inspired track, The Extra, is reminiscent of JD’s Insight, but with a more melancholic undertone and explores the idea of being a passive participant in your own life.

I.K.W.Y.L’s stalker-like refrain, I know where you live, while catchy and mildly haunting, is outshone by straight up quick-fingered guitar playing.

Each track lives up to the glory of Placebo days gone by and is well worth a listen, but with the boys already in the studio working on album number seven, here’s hoping for something a little more experimental and risky that will truly knock us on our asses.

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