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Review: Wreck-it Ralph

By River Reporter Feb 16, 2013

Wreck-It Ralph hits cinemas this weekend, but is the movie based on an arcade game a winner? or will it glitch you out? 

James Garwood

Wreck It Ralph, the new big Disney film hits cinemas this week. The film is about Ralph, a baddie from a computer game who soon grows bored of never winning and goes to change his luck.

The film is brilliantly written and fantastically cast. Sarah Silverman steals every scene as the quick-witted glitch Vanellope. Jack McBrayer and Jane Lynch also bring the video game world to life with their poles apart game characters. The plot never seems to drag and the pace is just right, the film does not test the viewer’s patience with unnecessary hold ups. A brilliant twist at the end ties up every  loose end by the credits.

The only thing that lets the film down is the use of product placement; just as you lose yourself in the wonderful world of the film you are shown a y blatant advert for something.  Lines such as “We’re stuck in a Nesquik river” really stick out in the slick writing.

Best animation since Up

It is no surprise that the film scooped a Best Animated Film nomination at the Oscars as it is is easily the best-animated film since Pixar’s superb Up in 2009. Wreck it Ralph almost feels like the Toy Story of the video game generation. It is smart, charming, clever, never dull and far from just a kid’s film, it is a must see one.


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