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You’d be a muppet to miss it

By River Reporter Feb 16, 2012
By Rosie Cope
The Muppets are back on the big screen after a number of years in an attempt to save their old studio from the clutches of big time oil magnate, Tex Richman (Chris Cooper).
The story begins when long-term Muppets fan, Gary (Jason Segel) decides to take his girlfriend, Mary (Amy Adams) on a trip to Los Angeles to celebrate their tenth anniversary. He invites Walter, his puppet brother, along to visit the Muppets theatre where the discovery is made that the property is to be sold and demolished for oil drilling.
It is then a race against time to bring together the original Muppets cast in a bid to raise $10m to save the old studio. It wouldn’t be a film if obstacles weren’t thrown in the way and the cast find themselves travelling to Paris to find Miss Piggy – as editor in chief of Vogue Paris (very likely) – where she flat out refuses to help. 
As well as the main plot the writers have added a side story to this film, because apparently every film needs a love story, and this is where we are taken through an unneeded detour into the relationship of Gary and Mary. Mary begins questioning the stability and seriousness of their relationship when Gary invites his brother along on their trip and we begin to see this separate story unfold.
The numerous A-list cameo appearances from actors and artists such as Emily Blunt as Miss Piggy’s receptionist, Dave Grohl as Animool and Jack Black as himself – almost becomes a game to spot as many celebrities as possible. 
The acting by both Jason Segel and Amy Adams is fantastic and enthusiastic as the pair brings a more playful and amusing attitude to the film, particularly for individuals, like me, who do not understand the comedy aspect behind using puppets in films.
Unfortunately, unlike many other Disney films, the opportunity is missed to encourage a new and younger audience and instead makes way for a nostalgic, ‘same old’ feel for the older generations.
Rating: 3/5

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