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Bike thefts in Kingston: Why students should register their bike

By Phebe Williams Mar 10, 2023
Bikes locked safelyAlways lock your bike safely and securely. Credit:Rich Smith/Unsplash

A recent Dr Bike and bike marking session held in conjunction with Kingston Police offered tips on how to keep your bike safe in a borough plagued by thefts.

These sessions offer students and staff a comprehensive check of their bike, minor repairs, general maintenance, and advice.

For example, the promote using Bikeregister, a free online website where you can register your bike’s code on the frame, if it is stolen and recovered by the police it gives you a much better chance of getting your bike back.

Andy Litchfield, bike expert at Dr Bike said: “Bikes that are displaying the police recognised barcode label are 80% less likely to be stolen. 90% of bikes get recovered and given back to owners if registered and marked.”

Kingston Police caught a bike thief with 10 stolen bikes on February 27 in Kingston town centre, nine of the bikes have been linked to the owners by using the Bikeregister system.

A Bike against a whole
There are approximately 285,000 cycle thefts a year in in England and Wales. Credit: Shanav Shah

As part of Kingston University’s commitment to facilitating sustainable travel, all four campuses at the University have bike stands to lock your bike up as well as pumps for tyres.

Some students were unaware that bike registering was an option for them, Eve Cox, a graphic design student said: “My bike has not been stolen. I have been careful and kept the bike in the porch or in the house. I didn’t know it was a thing.”

The Metropolitan Police advise locking the frame and both wheels to a secure cycle stand, in addition to securing it close to the stand as close as possible to give little movement.

Students should take every opportunity to keep their bike safe, given that it is a cost-effective mode of transport to campus.

By Phebe Williams

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