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Are we addicted to our smart phones?

By River Reporter Dec 6, 2012

Lily Kemp

Out of 5000 participants from across the globe a shocking 87 per cent could not manage to keep their eyes off their mobile phone screen for a single day new research by Time magazine revealed.  A couple, who are obviously completely submerged in the Twittersphere, have even named their new-born baby Hashtag Jameson. #stupidparents

It appears we are a nation collectively addicted to our smartphones.

Not so popular 

The all too familiar buzz that emanates from the depths of our pockets is something that triggers a now innate reaction to delve in and see who could possibly be on the end of the line. Sadly for most of us the buzz is either junk mail or a promotional text that reminds us we are not quite as popular as that initial vibration had us believe.

Smart phones are supposed tools of communication, bringing people together as the adverts so diligently inform us. But I cannot think of a more anti-social age, a country full of zombies glued to their touch-screen, slim-line, user-friendly mobile phones.  Sadly it seems we are all much happier communicating to an object than a human.

Texting takes over

What happened to having a face to face conversation, or complimenting someone in person rather than simply inserting a smiley face into a Facebook picture comment? 

However, I can’t sit here and pretend that I am not one of these iPhone fanatic drones. I too experience the sheer panic when, heaven forbid, I leave my mobile at home. Phone fixation has become a world-wide addiction where would-be socialites are instead staring at their iPhones and walking into lampposts.

I’d rather eat my food than photograph it

When I go out for a meal with a friend I don’t feel the need to take a photograph of my plate to share with the rest of my “friends” on Instagram. Maybe I am just far too excited about eating my food, but also, why should anyone give a toss about what I had for dinner , how I paint my nails or my drunken face at 4.30 in the morning? Not pretty and certainly not necessary.

Lost with out my maps app

Of course the internet is an incredible tool of communication and being constantly connected to the world via your mobile phone can be extremely handy, but my Grandma has never owned a mobile and she can still find her way to Tesco without the use of GPS.

It is depressing that we cannot go half an hour without checking our mobiles. People should take their eyes away from their shattered iPhone screens and look at the world around them. If they don’t do this it seems they will develop a serious case of smart-phone stupid-person syndrome.

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