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The battle of the Bonds

By River Reporter Oct 30, 2012

Ingvild Olaussen

Sean Connery, George Lazenby, Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton, Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig. They have all played out the iconic role as James Bond on the silver screen. But who did the best job?

George Lazenby who?

We will have to eliminate George Lazenby from the run straight away, because frankly, who cares about the guy who played Bond in only one movie? The movie, On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, was not bad, but Lazenby’s performance was unmemorable. He only played in one movie because he felt the Bond phenomenon would soon be outdated. Well, he was wrong there, because the 007 films turned out to be a huge success, as we all know.

The newest movie, Skyfall, hit the cinemas on October 26 and Daniel Craig has signed on for two more movies. So, despite Lazenby’s predictions, we will still see more of James Bond.

Sean Connery.

After Lazenby’s appearance as Bond, Sean Connery popped back for his final Bond movie, Diamonds Are Forever. Not only was he the first 007, but he also played in some of the most memorable movies. Even if you are not a big Bond fan, I bet you have all heard of Dr No, Goldfinger and You Only Live Twice. These are all Connery movies, and in my opinion, the classiest ones. You will not find better action movies with smooth and elegant spies, bombshell ladies and super slimey villains anywhere.

Roger Moore.

Roger Moore is also a good candidate for the best Bond. He holds the record for playing Bond the most times, as he starred in seven movies. He portrayed the secret service spy as sophisticated, and he even managed to get some humour in as well.

Then Timothy Dalton arrived, and the humorous Bond disappeared. Dalton played the character more like author Ian Fleming imagined he would be like, which was serious. Even though he made an admirable effort as Bond, something about Dalton just did not work for me. I do not know why, but I missed the humorous side of 007.  

The ‘real’ James Bond?

After Dalton’s departure, Pierce Brosnan showed up. Like others from my generation, his is the face I imagine when I hear the name Bond, simply because I grew up with him. He had everything Bond needed. A nice tux, handsome looks, cheesy comeback lines and catchphrases. However, his more recent career choices have ruined Brosnan as Bond for me. Whenever I see him, I can only see the constipated look he has on his face while singing ABBA’s SOS in Mamma Mia. Therefore, Brosnan is no longer in the running to be crowned the best Bond.

The modern-day Bond, Daniel Craig.

Finally, there is Daniel Craig. There were mixed feelings when he first got picked because of his blonde hair, but he has proved to be worthy. Craig plays the modern-day Bond, the man that we all know from the previous movies, but also a man with feelings. He managed to give 007 more layers and depth, something we can see in how he is handling the ladies. Bond no longer has three girls in one film. The modern Bond finds one girl to sleep with and then usually sticks to her.

The ‘winner’.

Even though Roger Moore and Daniel Craig are good candidates, I have to sheepishly admit that Sean Connery is my favourite Bond, no matter how cliché or unoriginal it might be. But lets face it. Connery defined Bonds character. Without him and the huge success he created, I doubt there would even be a Bond today. He is a bona fide Bond and actor, and even if Craig is doing a hell of a job at the moment, he can never beat the true 007.

After all, he was the first man to ever say: “The name is Bond. James Bond.”

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