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Kingston Christmas lights. Turned off by the turn on?

By River Reporter Nov 17, 2011

By Joseph Longley 

Apparently they could not find anyone famous because ‘Father Christmas’ arrives in Kingston today to turn on the Christmas lights. Am I the only one who will not be welcoming jolly old Saint Nick with open arms?

All the department stores have been decking the halls in preperation for Christmas over the last few months. I doubt I will even fancy celebrating when it gets here.

Saying Christmas has come early this year is an understatement, any earlier and it would have started before last year’s clean-up. It has got to the point where I have started wondering whether it is even worth taking  down the decorations between years.

Obviously there is the usual Christmas themed entertainment of stilt walkers (they come before the ‘Five Gold Rings’ right?) and the Stamford Lion (who pulls the sleigh between Chelsea games?), if Christmas got any more commercialised than you’d need a permit to play in the snow.   

The celebrations begin at 3pm across Kingston and carry on till 7pm, and entertainment includes a Christmas tree fairy, face painting, a number of bands and entertainment from the Radio Jackie team.

Personally I will be indulging in the only Christmas spirit I can still abide, Jägermeister at the German Christmas market in the market square.I intend to get suitably intoxicated to the point I feel I can hibernate until all this Christmas ‘Cheer’ has passed.  

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