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Kingston students beating up an injured fox shocks River reporter Amirah Valu

By River Reporter Oct 13, 2011

By Amirah Valu

It’s in a student’s blood to have one of those nights that we all regret.
Drinking too many Jägerbombs, maybe taking home a traffic cone, or even making out with someone and forgetting their name the next day.
But coming across an injured fox on the street and then dragging it back to your halls of residence? What were they thinking?
When you have too much to drink you lose most of your inhibitions.

Disgusting  and Unacceptable.

However, beating up a half dead fox and then leaving it to die confirms that none of the culprits had an inch of common sense. Anyone else would have left the fox alone.
It would have been no surprise if this bizarre act was something that young immature boys considered as a university “joke”. But in this case it was different and allegedly two girls were also involved in injuring the fox.
This makes the case unusual and in my eyes even more disgusting  and unacceptable.


The distance between Ama-gi and Seething Wells is about 20 minutes, so they clearly had time to think about their actions as they dragged the fox back to halls and left it to die in what appears to be the most inhumane way possible.
What happened afterwards can only be described as a scene from a horror film.
Kicking the fox in the head, filming it so that their mates could see and then chucking it from the roof, are acts so revolting they personally offend me.

Animal Cruelty

Animal cruelty on this level is punishable by up to six months in prison and/or a fine of up to £20,000.
Personally, I think the University shouldn’t allow these people to get away with their actions. Given the dire student housing situation one way to go about it may be to give the guilty students’ rooms away as they can’t use them like adults.
It’s clear that some fellow residents who live at Seething Wells have been left distraught by their actions as blood stains can still be seen on the staircase of the block where the deed took place.

Sickening Reputation

Many students who currently live at Seething Wells have some sort of ushered code amongst them.
Any mention of the fox is met with: “I have no idea what you are talking about, I was sleeping.”
I stress that anyone who does know anything that can help find out who did this should contact the university. Even the smallest detail can help settle this brutal act.
In the mean time, a word to those stupid children who can’t go a year without running past a primary school in their underwear or throwing a defenceless animal off a three story building; GROW UP.
Stop giving Kingston University students such a sickening reputation, and at least try to rejoin the rest of the human race.

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