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Mini skirts just look cheap

By River Reporter Oct 13, 2011

By Therese Doksheim

These non-existing skirts. They’re everywhere. Whenever I go for a night out in Kingston, I always end up feeling I should have left my jeans at home and worn my top as a dress.
Why is it that on a night out in this town it is easier to spot the girls with skirts that are so far away from covering their knickers, than to spot those like myself: in an outfit that at least covers my mid-thigh?
 I wonder, is this just a massive slag cult – or is this what they think actually looks nice?
I simply don’t think it looks flattering when you can see a girl’s knickers (or the lack of) and at the same time have full access to her chest.

Too cheap
These girls subliminally dress this way because they know that’s what will get them attention. Although a night out in Kingston must be a ball for the male sex in a sweaty nightclub, this just isn’t right.
I wonder where this idea of appropriate clothing comes from.
I think it all comes down to the fact that girls in Kingston are getting used to the fact that these teeny-tiny-barely-there-suffocating dresses are their only option if they want to fit in at Oceana.

Not a pretty sight 

It is not just the clingy dresses. When they are combined with heels so high that girls topple over, it is not a pretty sight.
It might be the fact that I’m a foreigner and not from a society where girls legs turn blue while queuing for the nightclub. I just don’t get why you would do that to yourself.
The first time I came to England and saw this phenomenon I was shocked in my woolen coat. Last winter newspapers splashed pictures of girls in these notorious outfits in a pile of snow.
At least I’m not the only one noticing the trend. I hope the next time I’m out girls have some decency and I can survive a night out without getting flashed on the way up the stairs.

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