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The media to change our world

By River Reporter Dec 6, 2012

Lisa Moravec

It is bizarre how recent developments of media production have been influencing our view of the world.

People are not waiting anymore for politicians to deliver speeches, nor are they waiting  for newspapers to be published.


Because morning breakfast shows and news channels are unveiling the latest information for you in the comfort of your own home. Not only that but there are discussions with experts about what is on the front pages of newspapers. 

This puts many professions in danger of elimination, as they are not needed in terms of providing  news. For example, the average print journalist or a normal broadcast reporter. 

PR & Media

Media lobbying is on the increase due to the proceeding link between the government and businesses within the PR sector, which publishes the news first. Remarkably, this news is biased as they are supporting their clients. 

In light of the past happenings in the UK, newspapers used methods  – such as phone hacking – to get the latest news before PR agencies or newswires are debunking it. 

Successfully? Yes, but the content of this news are questionable. News about ongoing criminal proceedings and private insights in celebrities lives are not the business of the general public. 

Failure of the British press 

After the one-year ongoing investigation in these press scandals Lord Leveson said, when commenting on the outcome of his inspection: “this has been the most concentrated look at the British press ever.” 

Showing, that it is more than ever necessary to look at the way the media works to prevent distortion of way we see our global world from happening. 

However, even before Lord Leveson publicly delivered these words on BBC to the public, the news channel summed up the outcome of his report within five minutes, before Leveson himself even spoke to the public. 

This again, raises the question of whether or not the media – including journalists – has the right to influence the way people observe the world? 

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