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Mini skirts are a sign of confidence

By River Reporter Oct 13, 2011

By Hayley Simpson

The quiet tut of disapproval. The barely stifled snigger. The not-so-nonchalant glance up and down.
Ladies, you know what I am talking about: the girl-on-girl crimes we commit every day, when a woman walks into a room wearing a little less than everyone else.

Cleavage bulging
And let’s not beat around the bush, this is not a daring flash of ankle or wrist. I am talking about cleavage bulging out of bras like a makeshift shelf and skirts so short that when you bend over you almost-maybe-probably-definitely see some cheek.
You are probably wondering if I dress like this and the answer is no.
The point I am trying to defend here is that if I want to give everybody an eyeful of my tits one day and cover up in a burkha the next, I will.
It is my body, and my right to expose however much or little of it that I want to – without any bitchiness.

Slut Walk
When women criticise women it only gives men the ammunition to do so as well – and sexist attitudes like this can have dangerous repercussions.
Just this year a Toronto policeman told girls in schools that they should not dress like ‘sluts’ in order to avoid rape and sexual assault. In response, thousands of angry women and men have marched in Slut Walks across the globe to support the ‘radical’ notion that how a woman dresses should not affect their right to safety.
Why are some women so offended by short skirts? Is it a cultural thing?
The Brits do have a reputation for flashing the flesh, but personally, seeing a gang of girls queuing for a club in the bitter winter cold stirs a sense of national pride within me.

Safe and savvy
Whether you agree or not, this display of body confidence seen on women of all shapes and sizes should surely be applauded.
It’s like sticking two fingers up to how society think a woman should dress and the media’s perception of what a woman should look like.
So ladies, just as long as we are safe and savvy I think we should celebrate being slutty. 

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