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Top Mash-Ups

By River Reporter Oct 10, 2013

It’s no secret that the majority of radio stations play the same old songs throughout the day. Take Katy Perry’s Roar for example, we hear it in on the morning radio, in the car, at work and to top it off, we find yourself dancing to it on a Saturday night. Not to mention the amount of times we say “I hate this song” and then end up looking like an idiot singing every lyric a week later. I dont know about you but I’m bored of the same old songs playing every day everywhere I go.

But do not fear, our tired ears are in for a treat. This week we’ve bought you the top 5 mash-ups around at the moment.


1. Naughty Pompeii

This is my absolute favourite mash up at the moment, it’s current, it has two of my favourite songs in it and it really makes me want to go out. I also love that it switches song at just the right time. Just as I would usually shift on my iTunes library.


2. Just the way you are/Just a dream

This is quite a girly one from Pitch Perfect, but it is absolutely amazing… editing, no instruments, just voices and it really is a brilliant mix of songs.


3. Little Wrecking Ball

When I first heard Miley’s original ‘Wrecking Ball’ hit I loved it, then I watched the music video and, to me, the song was completely ruined. In my opinion repeatedly licking a hammer and swinging on a wrecking ball is not an appropriate theme for this song. Or for my eyes, yes Miley is fit but stop acting like a total slut please. This mash-up is so much more appropriate for the song and the little country twist from Mumford is well and truly needed. We Love this!!!


4. Titanium vs 500 miles

If you have seen Pitch Perfect than you most probably understand how brilliant the entire soundtrack is! This song introduces the movie and really gets you in the mood for a night out. It combines two of my absolute favourite songs of all time, they are classics and everyone is bound to love this track.


5. Bad Things Will Roll With The Devil

It’s nearly Halloween and this mash-up is absolutely perfect to get you in the mood for a scary night out. Whether it’s Fright Night at Thorpe Park or a night out in Kingston dressed in your creepiest dress up, this mix has Halloween written all over it. 

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