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KU student elections

By River Reporter Oct 22, 2013

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It’s all about the KUSU elections this week with the different candidates touring the university putting their case across as to why they deserve your vote.

It is your chance as a student to get involved in the democratic system, that many of us take for granted, and be sure that one of your peers is in a position to hear your voice.

Voting is already underway and will end on Friday at 10am with the results revealed at noon.

By now you should already know who the candidates are but just in case you are living in a bubble here is a list. More information can be found at:

Disabled Candidate

Rhianne  Birchmore

Amina Morsy


Women’s Officer

Sophie Ogden

Yazmin Burton

Elaha Walizadeh


Partner-College Students’ Officer

Harriet Bagley


Ethical and Environmental Officer

Naomi Lynch

Alexander Mireles

Maaz Malik

Noor Khan


International Students’ Offficer

Catarina Demony

Taran Athwell

Bahar Altun

Oscar Miyanda

Niranjana Kumar

John Mpaso

Temitope Thompson

Latasha Rambarran

Fiorella Badin

Juhi Audholia

Umar Abudaker


Media Officer

Beth Taylor

Toby Yusuf

Henry Eaton


Post Graduate Student Officer

Mattias Amuda

Victor Giwa

Philip Soneye


Part-Time Students’ Officer

Vino Suseetharan

Mahamed Ragge


Voting will close in a couple of days so get in there quick. Remember, you need to register as a student before you can vote at www.

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