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Five tips to ease financial stress

By Myriam Boudine Feb 21, 2024

Financial stress is a burden that most of us will face at some point in our lives.
However, as students with a mountain of debt piling up every time we enter a lecture hall, as
well as assignments coming out of our ears, we don’t always know how to manage that
We’ve come up with a few ways to ease the anxiety that comes with dealing with your
finances as a student.

  1. Budgeting apps
    Apps like Plum and Budget can help you keep on top of your spending instead of feeling like you’re piled under a bunch of bills and debt. You could even take the more traditional approach and keep track in an excel spreadsheet.
  2. Set up direct debits and payment plans
    When pay day comes around most of us are torn between grabbing a drink with our friends on the weekend or keeping our money for when we need to make an important payment. Set up direct debits and payment plans so when pay day rolls around you can go paint the town red without any stress.
  3. Deals and discounts
    Whether you’re a commuting or living on campus you can reap the benefits of being a student. Apps like Unidays, Student Beans and Too Good To Go could be cutting those food shops in half or save you 20% off that top you’ve had your eye on.
  4. ME time
    Taking care of yourself should always be priority. Whether its spending time with loved ones, earning, exercising or doing nothing, you should always take time to do the things that make you happy, it’s all about balance.
  5. Keep a diary
    Keeping on top of your work, spending and every other aspect of life can become overwhelming. Keeping a diary, whether that’s in your phone or in a cute notebook allows you to stay on top of what your doing and what you’re spending.

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