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Rising cost of commuting 

By Abigail Bragginton Feb 21, 2024
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At Kingston, we have a huge proportion of students that commute every day to university – over 50% of students live at home or off campus. 

Not only do they face the reccuring battle of delays, cancellations and traffic but they now also find themselves in a situation where the cost of commuting is increasing, leaving them in situations where they may have to miss a class or two. 

Rail travel is becoming increasingly expensive – data reveals that students and other UK commuters could be hit by an additional 55p per journey, as the interest cap on train travel is expected to be increased by 8% in March. Students are already feeling the pressure to keep to their budgets but with the increased cost in commuting, they may have to take from that assigned budget and allocate more to their commuting expenses.   

According to a 2023 survey by the Office of National Statistics, over three-quarters (78%) of students expressed concern about how the increasing cost of living will impact their studies. 

With the concern of commuting cost hanging over students’ heads, they are left to find alternative ways to spend less money.  

For further advice, visit Living at home – Accommodation – Kingston University London 

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