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Free tuition for Grenfell Tower survivors

By Morgane Roos-Carreira Feb 7, 2019
Adam Yasir

kingston University is partnering with a scholarship scheme to waive tuition fees for students who were affected by the Grenfell Tower tragedy.

A Roehampton Vale MA student, Adam Yasir, introduced the scholarship scheme in February 2018 and mobilised 19 students across the UK to join the petition board to persuade universities to sign up.

“Kingston University is doing a great job to reflect on the students’ voice and with their social engagement with local communities,” said Yasir.

Makeda Blake-Robinson, one of the KU ambassadors who works on the project, lobbied with different universities to get students involved with the 3E Scholarship Scheme

“My role is to work with Kingston to encourage and assist students from Grenfell and to further develop their goals and aspirations,” said Robinson.

Potential students have to meet the right requirements to enrol to university before local charities like the Grenfell foundation, who have a partnership with the scheme, verify them.

The scheme will help people from Grenfell Tower and Grenfell Walk who are traumatised by the fire on June 14 2017 and who are from lower social economic backgrounds.

“The award covers the cost of tuition fees at either postgraduate or undergraduate level for the duration of the successful students’ courses,” said a KU spokesperson.

Yasir graduated with his MA in Human Rights and International Relations a few weeks ago at Roehampton University.

The 27-year-old came to London with his family in 2007 as a refugee from Sudan and said: “I put myself in their shoes and think about what I would expect them to do to help me.”

Yasir is the first to go to university in his family and said he found education empowering.

The 3E Scholarship Scheme is not going to “let talent go to waste for economic difficulties.”

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