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Harry and Meghan’s documentary has arrived on Netflix

By Leah Kellman Dec 13, 2022
Medium shot of Harry and Meghan. Meghan has her hair in a slicked back low bun wearing a white dress and Harry is wearing a blue suit with white T-shirt and blue tie.Harry and Meghan at the Ripple of Hope Awards. Credit: Photo by Ted Shaffrey/Shutterstock

Harry and Meghan’s new Netflix documentary has landed, and everyone has been talking about it. 

The first volume consists of three episodes, is a first hand account of Harry and Meghan’s story with never before seen personal archive.  

All of the interviews were completed by August of this year.  

The first episode follows the couple’s secret relationship before the media caught wind of the story.

The second and third look at Meghan’s childhood and how much of a bright and courageous young woman her teachers thought she was.

It also looks at the media’s bias against Meghan as they criticised her background and where she lived as tabloids labelled her the girl who is “straight outta Compton”.

When asked about why they decided to do the documentary, Harry said the departure “seemed like a sensible idea”. 

A black background that has bold white outlined letters 1,2,3 to show the top most watched series on Netflix. The first shows 'Wednesday' promo of a girl wearing dark clothing holding a black umbrella. Number 2 shows a picture of Harry kissing Meghan on the cheek and she is smiling. The third shows a picture of a woman with blonde hair wearing glasses and looking up whilst smiling with the lettering on the picture saying 'Firefly Lane'.
Harry and Meghan’s documentary has been a big hot for Netflix. Credit: Photo by Geoffrey Swaine/Shutterstock

Meghan says: “It’s not comfortable but when you feel like people haven’t got any sense of who you are for so long, it’s really nice to just be able to have the opportunity to let people have a bit more of glimpse into what’s happened and also who you are.”

Meghan’s mother, Doria Ragland also made an appearance as she spoke out for the first time on her experience with the press as they would “take pictures of different parts of say Skid Row and say that is where I lived and that is where she was from”. She also expressed regret for not having a conversation with Meghan surrounding race.  

The documentary has had mixed reviews with some saying it was informative and others saying they are looking for attention.  

Civil engineering student, Anand thinks the documentary “should have never been made in the first place. It’s an internal family matter which doesn’t have any reason to be discussed in public”. He also believes “a lot of the claims made by both of them are exaggerated in order to justify their own actions”.  

Mental health nursing student, Grace says she felt it was very obvious that the UK media have portrayed both Meghan and Harry in a certain light and definitely victimised Meghan through racism: “I felt they 100% did the right thing for leaving the UK to protect their family and to not be harassed by the media.”

International business student, Krina said: “I personally found it very interesting, we got to hear their actual point of view which was a nice touch.” However she thinks it will not affect the monarchy as they have had their fair share of controversies beforehand and “nothing’s happened”.

The trailer for the second volume of the couple’s story.

The Royal family have declined to comment on the series.  

The second volume will be released on December 15.  

By Leah Kellman

Role: Features editor

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