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Hate crime numbers at all time high against sexual orientation

By Acacia Liu Feb 22, 2023
Trans activists came out in force to protest the blocking of the bill. Credit: Photo by Johnny Armstead/Shutterstock

The fatal stabbing of Brianna Ghey two weeks ago has highlighted the topic of hate crime and violence against LGBT people.

According to the Home Office, reports of hate crime targeting people’s sexual orientation increased by 42% since last year.

Number of hate crimes committed against people for their sexual orientation has peaked at 26,152 in 2022. Credit: Acacia Liu

The severeness of these hate crimes can range from verbal abuse, threatening behaviour, harassment, damage of property, and physical violence which could sometimes be lethal.

Statistics are still underreported due to number of people staying silent about their experience.

According to the Government Equalities Office, 88% of transgender people do not report on hate crimes they experience, and 48% are dissatisfied with police response.

By Acacia Liu

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