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The agency that matches students to jobs in hospitality

By Alhia Yousofi Dec 13, 2022
Bar staff serving drinks behind the barHost Bar staff at Between The Bridges bar. Credit: Alhia Yousofi

The cost-of-living crisis has affected us all, and a lot of students are now having to take on extra jobs to pay their bills.

At the same time the hospitality industry is desperately short of staff. And that’s where the employment agency Host Staffing offers us a solution.

Host Staffing is actively searching for students to join their community and work at some of London’s most iconic venues.

Kingston University student, Adham Zakaria Tag, who is part of the Host community praised the agency saying: “Host is one of the best agencies to work with because all their shifts are so fun.

“The best part of it is that it’s a huge community and you meet so many nice people during each shift. It just never gets boring.”

The Host contract is zero hours, so there is no committment and students are free to browse the Host app and select the shifts they wish to work whenever they have the time for it.

This is an advantage for some, but if you prefer fixed hours then Host is not for you.

Pros and cons

The Host app offers different types of shifts which give students a wide range to choose from with new shifts being added daily.

The majority of the shifts include bar work, or roles such as host/hostess, waitress or chef’s assistant. 

Raman Baker, a psychology student at Kingston who is also part of the Host community, has had a couple issues with them: “The main problem I face with Host is that there’s been several times where they haven’t paid me right and it’s just such a hassle sorting it out.”

As the contracts are zero hours, Host does not provide sick pay to its employees, which might make it difficult if you become sick, particularly during flu season.

There are however other benefits that come with working with Host, such as monthly competitions that the community of employees can take part in to win prizes.

In addition to this, each shift accrues 12% holiday pay which is paid at the end of each tax year.

Baker said: “I would recommend Host to a friend, but it’s not always smooth sailing.”

To find out more or if you wish to apply head to,

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