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International KU students remain uncertain about their future

By Karan Ahluwalia Oct 26, 2017
Last week Donald Tusk confirmed progress in Brexit talks.

After months of deadlock European leaders have started to discuss their relationship with the UK after Brexit, making international KU students stressed about their future.

Many EU national students have already started making plan Bs in case the situation arises where they are shown the door.

Guilio Ascari, 21, an Italian pharmacy student said, “It would be awful if all the efforts studying here were for nothing. Hopefully the UK governance will end up letting us stay here, but still if they do not want us here, why would we want to stay in the first place.”

Early Friday morning Donald Tusk, President of the European Council, confirmed that some preliminary discussions of trade deal with the UK had begun.

Italian student Ilaria Ferrari, 21, who is studying international relations with French, feels extremely uncomfortable in today’s political climate as she had picked her degree keeping in mind that she will continue living in the UK.

“When I first moved to the UK three years ago I would have never thought of such a drastic move! I was so excited about being able to work and study and having the rights both in Italy, my home country, and the UK,” she said.

With official talks of the ‘divorce’ bill having begun, the split from the EU remains daunting for the immigrants on this island.

Even though all international students received a confirmation email the day after the referendum results, guaranteeing them that they will not have to leave the UK or pay exorbitant tuition fee, students remain uncertain.

Ferrari said, “I’m concerned about my future this is what I mean: with a degree in international relations it’s almost impossible to find a job in Italy, especially coming from a small town – and not knowing people.”

While the students agree that the uncertain situation they are in is unfair, they all said that if push comes to shove they will move back home and find an alternate plan.

A Kingston University spokesperson said: “The University remains committed to its mission to be an open and inclusive international institution. It is continuing to champion the importance of attracting international students and ensuring the United Kingdom remains a welcoming destination for the brightest and best minds.”

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