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Kingston ladies football closer to cup lift

By Leigh Boobyer Nov 15, 2015

Written by Christine Younan

Kingston University won their first cup game at Tolworth Sports Ground against University of Westminster on Wednesday afternoon.

The Cougars thrashed their opposition 4-1. The goalkeeper had a lonely game throughout the 90 minutes until the final shot of the match was a goal to Westminster.

The three musketeers lead the Cougars to victory, goal scorers Captain Oda Holum, Diana Poveda and Hollie Clapham. “We did everything that we practiced in training, we play more as a team now,” Holum said.

Unfortunately for the Cougars they had a cold start to the game, both teams had equal possession of the ball but then Kingston had more shots on goal.

The first goal of the match was by Captain Holum which was at the 18th minute of the game which gave the Cougars a promising lead throughout the match.

After the first goal of the match, Kingston began to dominate the match. “The season looks positive, we’ve been training really hard,” Clapham said.

The Cougars had many opportunities throughout the game which has given them a spectacular start to their cup tournament. The captain had a beautiful strike on goal, 20 yards from the goal but unfortunately went for the cross bar.

The goal scorers of the match led the game for the Cougars by giving many opportunities for a match which should have ended 10-0 to Kingston.

Poveda stood out the most for the Cougars by assisting goal opportunities and scoring two goals for Kingston which gave them their victory.

Coach Ali was a great support for Kingston throughout, constantly making sure that his team was in their correct positions. “We won our first cup game and we’re trying to score as much, we try to capitalize so we play our best game throughout the game,” said Coach Ali.

The Cougars had an easy win; they have had a tremendous few weeks. They have won all their home games. Kingston was up by 2-0 before the whistle for half time was blown so they are feeling positive with how they are playing in this season.

Poveda who scored two goals for Kingston made the game look very easy for the Cougars, scoring her second goal of the match which put Kingston to lucky number 4 was a lob from outside the box which stunned the opposition’s goalkeeper.

“The game went really well, even though they had strong players we did really well to get our victory,” Clapham said.

Kingston will play Imperial College London Women’s 1st on 25 November; the venue of the match will still be confirmed at a later date.


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