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Kingston University boxing champion who refused to throw in the towel on university degree

By Nicole M Pihan Jan 27, 2020

A Kingston University boxer who won a British boxing title believes that graduating from university is still his biggest achievement to date.

Former student Richard Riakporhe won the British cruiserweight title against Jack Massey at York Hall on December 19 2019, and as well as his achievements in boxing, he now intends to give back to the community.

He considered graduating from the University as his biggest achievement, and said: “I never thought that was a possibility.”

Riakporhe began his adventure with boxing when he was 19-years-old and had his professional debut in August 2018.

“I got into boxing through a close friend who fascinated me with his ability to throw punches,” he said.

After only a year and a half of professional practice, Riakporhe won the championship title in the cruiserweight class, also known as the junior heavyweight class, which has a weight limit of 200 pounds (14 stone four pounds).

Riakporhe graduated from Kingston University in 2015 with a degree in marketing communications.

The boxer uses his skills throughout his daily routine, which consists of training, studying, PR work, and public talks in various institutions.

When speaking about why he chose Kingston University, Riakporhe said: “It was because of the excellent reviews that I read online, not to mention they offered me the course that I wanted.

“It was a great experience, and I also met some amazing people that I’m still friends with to this current day. I have also learned things that I have taken into my boxing career and implement on a daily basis.”

Riakporhe is recognisable not only by his sports achievements but by the creation of a concept called Enhancing Minds, which he set up with his brother Patrick.

“We came up with it in order to give back to the community through delivering programs and talks with the aims to inspire and motivate,” he said.

When talking about the future of the concept, he said: “I plan to have a global organisation delivering programs in thousands of institutions.”

The new cruiserweight champion also admits that his biggest goal and greatest dream is to one day become the world champion.

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