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Kingston University investigates reported thefts from Penrhyn Road library

By Jamie Craker Nov 4, 2016
Theft victim Bethany Martin in Penrhyn Road LRC Photo: Jamie Craker

Kingston University is looking into the thefts of two students’ belongings which were stolen on consecutive days in Penrhyn Road library. Local police have been informed.

A brand new Macbook and allegedly, a handbag, were both stolen on the first floor of the library. The Macbook was taken from the victim’s bag which was right by her feet, underneath her desk.

“When I reported it to security I felt stupid,” said drama and history student Bethany Martin. “Telling them it got stolen right by my feet- it sounds a bit silly.

“I looked at my bag, and the way it was spilled out away from me, it looked odd,” she said. “As soon as I picked it up, I thought ‘that feels really light’. I looked inside and my laptop was gone. It was one of those things- you know when you’re like, no, that couldn’t have happened.”

Martin said that library security told her to call 101 and report the theft to local police. She then gave the crime number to security, who said that if they found something, they would tell the police.

“Apparently the day before, exactly where I was sitting but on the other side, a girl’s bag had been taken,” said Martin.

She has heard nothing from the university so far.

A Kingston University spokesperson said: “The University has received a recent report of the theft of a laptop from a communal area. The University’s security team investigates any reported thefts on campus, including examining CCTV where it is available, and will work with the police where appropriate.

“The University takes the security of its students and their belongings very seriously and provides information on staying safe and keeping possessions secure on the My Kingston site.”

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