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Kingston University Project Offers Free Sport for all Students

By Eddie Luchford Oct 30, 2019

Kingston University had launched a joint project with the student union which offers recreational sport to all students.

It is completely free to participate and all you need to do is turn up with your student card.

“We aim to provide weekly opportunities for students at Kingston to have fun, make friends and enjoy the mental and physical benefits that come with physical activity”, said Student Opportunities Manager Annabel Mabin.

The scheme allows students to try out lots of different sports and activities for free without the commitment of joining a society in the hope that it will encourage more of them to lead an active lifestyle.

There is a wide range of activity on offer, including women-only sessions such as boxing and strength and conditioning, for those who might not feel comfortable in the mixed university gym.

Other sports on offer include yoga, tennis, table tennis, badminton, volleyball, five a side football and basketball.

The project launched last week and many students are already singing its praises.

“It’s nice to play in a relaxed atmosphere with more focus on enjoyment than the competition, for those of us who want to feel the benefits of exercise without the seriousness of competitive sport this scheme is perfect”, said tennis player Loic David.

For many, the scheme can act as a starting block for those who have ambitions to play for the university teams but lack the confidence to dive in at the deep end.

Exercise is a fantastic remedy for stress and a great way to boost mental health, so if the pressures of the university are getting you down, this is a brilliant way to take your mind off things in a relaxed, low-pressure environment.

The scheme will be running every week for the foreseeable future. Anyone who requires more information, please contact the student union.

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