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Kingston University’s School of Art students showcase their work at Christmas market

By Lillian Cowdery Dec 14, 2023

Kingston University’s School of Art students have taken part in a festive Christmas market, showcasing and selling their work. This includes different artworks such as prints, jewellery, cards and sculptures.

The students have created a Christmas mural on the window of the market in the Bentall Centre inviting people to the market.

KSA student Puikeih Lam said: “I think it’s really fun to bring everyone together, also networking is really good at these events, it may not seem like it even if we make only two sales but it’s really good to meet new people.”

The market began on the 1 December and has carried on every weekend since, the last weekend to enjoy the market is from Friday 15 – Sunday 17 December. The Christmas market can be found on the second floor of the Bentall Centre in Kingston.

Third year student Anastasia Amelkina, who went to the market, said: “I loved the market, I thought it was a really great way for artists to get more exposure and a really good way to meet people. I also found it really inspiring that all of those people were brave enough to create art that they wanted to share with the world.”

Student stalls at Christmas market. Photo: Lillian Cowdery

The profits of the sales go directly to the students giving them an opportunity to share their work and gain recognition while earning for all the work they have put into their art.

KSA student Anukis Richards said: “It prepares me for the future and makes me more confident with the fact that I can make money from what I’m creating, so I think as an artist there’s always the stereotype of ‘the struggling artist’ and all of my practice lately has been about going against that.”

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