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Kingston women finish a dozen down

By Christine Younan Feb 12, 2016

Kingston University women’s first football team kept their heads up after a 12-0 defeat at Tolworth Sports Ground against St Mary’s University women’s first team on Wednesday. [divider]

The Cougars were one-man down after 10 minutes following the referee giving out red card for a hand ball in the penalty box – Kingston were 3-0 down at this point in the game.

Centre back Renelle Simpson was sent off after raising her hand to block a shot from St Mary’s. She said: “It’s kind of not thinking before you speak and I hand balled in the penalty box because I panicked and I didn’t put any thought in to it.”

Coach Ali Besim provided moral support throughout their defeat. “Let’s try again girls,” he said.

Anna Ogland, left back, left the pitch in the second half after colliding with her rival in the defensive side.

“I hope I will be ready for the next game which is our quarter-final against Essex,” she said.

The injury left the team down to nine players for five minutes. Coach Besim had to use one of his substitutes who was not supposed to play.

Coach Besim made a decision to switch goalkeeper Adelen Jorgensen Sandli with Charmaine True in the second half.

Kingston remained hopeful throughout the game despite conceding seven goals in the first half of their game.

The Cougars were missing many players due to injury or illnesses which had an massive impact on how the team played together.

Marthe Solberg, midfielder, said: “We haven’t played as a team for a while and it puts the team spirit down. We have missed the last two training sessions and we need to train to get good. The lack of training is the reason for our defeat today.”

Striker True had an impressive game as goalkeeper, she denied any opportunities for St Mary’s to strike the ball in the back of the net.

Although they faced a painful defeat, KU never stopped chasing the ball and creating opportunities for goals.

Solberg added: “We really have to kick ass in our next game, but we will lose many players due to reading week.”

Kingston University women’s first team will play their first quarter-final in the South Eastern 2B cup game against the University of Essex women’s first team on February 17 at Tolworth Sports Ground.


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