Kingston University commuters pay as minister defends train fare increase

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Patrick McLoughlin, the Transport Secretary, has defended the up-to 2.5 per cent increase in train fares saying it’s “regrettable but necessary”.

KU students and staff commuting to university by train are facing increased travelling costs as a 12 month season ticket between London and Kingston will now be £2,898.70.

Mr McLoughlin told the BBC: “The truth is we’re seeing the largest investment we’ve seen in the railways. Over the next five years Network Rail will invest over £38.5bn.

“I accept that 2.5% is more than the passenger wants to pay. Any increase is regrettable but it is a fact that we’re investing record amounts into the industry so that we get better train services.”


Credit: ONS
Credit: ONS

Third year English Language and Communications student, Ayanda Ndlovu, who travels to university twice a week from her home in Milton Keynes, previously told The River: “It’s a total pain that there’s further fare increases on top of previous ones.

“I can’t see any improvements in the rail infrastructure that our fares are apparently invested into. I spend around £200 a month on traveling but if I lived somewhere I had to pay rent too I don’t know how I would pay for it.”


Additional reporting by William Lloyd

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    I am paying around £20 perday as a student everytime I go to University. The service is so hilarious taking 2-3 hours of journey to Kingston from Reading and it doubles the journey during weekends around 4 hours. Increasing the price of train fare will effect loads of students like me and will end up in debt if they do not find a high paid job.Thanks for the plan.

    I am doing Masters part time and attend my classes during weekends, I do visit University during weekdays very often for vocational courses from Reading. It takes me more than 4-5 hours commuting to the University. During weekends it more disastrous as I got to get to the Uni before 9 p.m and there is no provision for that. I have spent huge amount by staying in hotel during weekends during my exams time because of non reliable trains.

    The transportation Minister should consider the impact on students of increasing the price and with non reliable train service including weekends rather than to improve the strategy of making money through train service. It’s a shame that we do not have a quicker train to get to Kingston. I feel like I travel to Europe/ Paris everytime I go to the University and hence have no budget for holidays in the near future.

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