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KU Men’s 1st basketball team aim to remain undefeated

By Alhia Yousofi Nov 1, 2022
basketball players listening to their coachKU basketball players at their weekly training session. Photo by: Alhia Yousofi

Kingston university’s Men’s 1st basketball team moved up a league to 2A this semester having finished top of 3A undefeated in the 2021/2022 season.

Team captain and coach, Dan Sherlock, praised the players saying: “I couldn’t be any prouder of the guys, they are honestly doing so well.”

At the end of last year, the team lost four of its first team players and only six out of the 13 original players remain in the team this year, making way for new blood.

Sherlock said: “There have definitely been a lot of changes within the team since last semester, but I believe that this team now will continue to stay undefeated.

“There are a lot of requirements for a team to be successful such as good communication, togetherness, teamwork, good character, and sacrifices to get the winner at the end of the game. This team has a lot of potential to be successful, I really do believe in them.”

Adam Abucker, a member of the team said: “Everyone in the team is free to express themselves in different ways and everyone is a big family at the end of the day. We push each other to do the best, we’ve got to play the role and play it hard.”

The Men’s 1sts train two or three days a week and play a game every Wednesday.

Abucker continued: “There’s been many obstacles myself and my team have overcome which allowed us to level up in the league.

“The biggest factor in my opinion is confidence. It is important to adapt to the game and be very vocal with the other players.

“Shouting across the court is necessary and you need to be confident in yourself as well as in your team to do that. Basketball started as a hobby but is now a passion and I’m excited to see where it takes me in the future.”

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