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KU student launches entrepreneurial platform to support Pakistani economy

By Tina Dahmen Oct 31, 2015

The President of Kingston’s Entrepreneur Society, Hassan Waqar, 21, last week launched an entrepreneurial support platform for Pakistani businessmen.

‘Nape’, also known as National Association of Pakistani Entrepreneurs, aims to connect people in Pakistan through hosting events, such as networking, conferences and practical workshops.

NAPE hopes to create a strong system which would help to develop the country’s economy.

Hassan Waqar said: “This is the best way to improve the lives of the Pakistani people and build a stronger economy. I talk about entrepreneurship every day and it’s the biggest passion I have discovered. I spent two years in Pakistan and I saw plenty of room for development.”

The association provides an online platform for entrepreneurs in the form of a social media application, where members have access to mentors who will provide support in various areas, including legal advice, marketing and sales.

Waqar is looking to grow the organisation and prospects for mentors who are interested to join the association.

“We are looking for people to beta test the website, become our mentors and contribute resources to help build a strong platform,” said Waqar.

The official launch party will take place in January 2016. The chamber of commerce is invited, family and friends of the founders as well as everyone who is interested in entrepreneurship.

The next stage is to integrate a student enterprise platform to support students, regardless of academic background. NAPE plans to deliver unique opportunities that inspire students to look beyond their studies and develop the skills they need to succeed.

He said: “Our events challenge participants to elevate their aspirations and shape their own futures. Let’s join forces and make a better Pakistan.”

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